Our Services

Goat Sales

  • we supply high quality parent stock of various goat breeds.

Goat Farming Handbook and CD/DVD

  • About goat farming in India.
  • Goat housing types.
  • Goat Breeds.
  • Economics of goat farming.

Software solution for livestock management/Record keeping

  • Account Inventory.
  • Feed records.
  • Breeding records.
  • Pedigree chart.
  • Veterinarian visit records.
  • Vaccinations records.
  • Purchase/Sales records.
  • Event updates.

Consultancy for new goat farms

  • we provide total consultancy to beginners or new goat farmers. In this we consult about all goat farm activities activities i.e. breed selection, shed construction, feed chart, diseases and treatment, record keeping etc.
  • we provide designs, sketches with measurement.

Project reports of various methods

  • We provide Goat farm project report for bank loan purpose or other use.

Training session

  • we conducts training programme at our farm, in which you can learn about various breeds of goat,shed construction, Goat diseases and treatment, Feeding, Kidding etc. and more things about goat farming.

Equipment Sales

  • we Supply Quality goat farming Equipments.

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